l’expérience en solo

Hello, world.

Here I am, in my mid-30s.   For the first time in years I will be living alone (technically only for a six month period, but that’s not important).  And during this time I plan to consume less food, less electricity, less gas, less water…all in the name of science.  To see how much effort it takes for one person to do so little.

I’m not doing this for the notoriety.  I’m not doing this for the excitement.  I’m not necessarily even doing this to save money.  I’m just curious to see how easily (or not) I can handle, for example, eating ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the cold, dark, quiet, lonely, sad, sad and lonely house.

And I also want exclusive movie rights.

So, we’ll see what happens.  Perhaps I’ll give in come December when the house is under three feet of snow and submit to turning the heat all the way up to a balmy 55.  Or maybe I’ll hike up my skirt and just tough it out.

Until then I’d like to start this off with three, very important items of wisdom:

1. layering

2. Aldi’s food market

3. quick ocular acclimation to night vision

Thank you for stopping by.  Here’s to me not suffering an untimely death anytime soon. (cheers!)

Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you: l’expérience en solo.

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